Training you to be a better man

Nothing brings me greater pleasure in life than when a slave submits to me and my methods. You desire these methods. You need them. You are sick with toxic masculinity, you need a female antidote, and I am your cure!

I work with a very specific kind of man; the one who actually wants to be a better man. The man who wants to learn how to atone for his sins against women and learn how to treat them. The man who wants to learn how to use his privilege to help restore balance between men and women outside of our sessions, and in the process of doing so, during our sessions, will be treated like the slave he is for his ignorance and complicity in the world with regards to the oppression surrounding him. 

Let's explore your darkness.... With every slap...every flogging....every trample.... you will receive atonement. All the while submerging deeper into your devotion to me. Look into my deep beautiful eyes and you'll see the man you can become when you submit to a beautiful sub-Saharan goddess. 

 You come into my home with respect, you treat me and my teachings with respect, and in return, you will earn my respect—over time, if you deserve it. And truly, only a few men have ever deserved it. Will you be one of the elite who make your Nubian mistress proud? 

You will get an education unlike any other you’ve ever received. You will learn that there are consequences to your actions. If you act well, and your actions ripple out positively into the lives of women and people of color, you will be rewarded—not by me, but by life itself and all your social relations. 

Are you ready? To give up control over the mundane? To have your deep and darkest fantasies exploited by a true domme? Are you ready to get on your knees and worship ? 

Yes slave, you are.