Hello....I'm Cadence...


In a vanilla world I am the dark chocolate you’ve been craving for. My curves, defiant by nature in a humdrum reality, will remind you of how small and insignificant you are in the presence of a true melanin drenched Goddess. The beauty of my lips will hypnotize you before I’ve even had the chance to utter a simple command. You, my pet, are at my will. You want to learn, and only I can teach you how to rid yourself of the mundane day-to-day that plagues you and the world around you. 

In my world the constraints of who society tells you to be do not exist. Why be bound to the pressures of civilization when you can be bound by my ropes? We will explore the parts of you that will teach you lessons you didn’t know were hiding inside of you.  With every “yes mistress” you speak, you will learn that only in full submission will you find true freedom. 

You are sick with the ordinary, and I, your Goddess, am your cure.